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Online game addiction is a real problem, and some countries are willing to take drastic measures to get these players living a healthier lifestyle. Need proof? Just look up. Photographer Fernando Moleres recently visited an internet gaming rehab camp in Beijing, and saw the facility monitoring the...

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December 21, 2014 at 8:38PM
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Sure, you've probably seen countless scientific studies involving video games -- but have you have you ever wondered what your brain actually looked like while your playing video games? Well, feast your eyes on the image above. That's an MRI scan of New York Times writer Matt Richtel's brain that w...

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Anyone who plays video games has probably come across the scary-sounding warnings about epileptic seizures that affect "a very small portion of the population." But it's still a bit shocking to stumble across a headline that urges reader to "Beware! Video game turn kids epileptic." The sensationalis...

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