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After a short couple weeks of closed beta, Kingdom Heroes has announced their transition into the open beta phase. This would be the "historical" MMO that teaches you all sorts of fascinating "facts" about ancient China, such as how their female warriors fought in elegantly revealing bikinis (at le...

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June 8, 2010 at 8:00PM
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We've got no idea how this nugget of glorious mechanized boogie snuck past us -- we'll blame it on the horror we experienced while watching Doka Harumi's robot dance routine. Another entrant in that same Japanese robo-dance contest, this red-blazered drone brings the pain, the funk, and all necessa...

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Here's an example on how to take a really cool concept and make a bad choice. Not that we think the etching itself looks bad, but there are all sorts of other cool WoW designs the owner could have put on this Macbook. We certainly understand the meaning of putting the very image players see when e...

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