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Earlier today, [developer] announced [type of fish] Online, a brand-new [themepark/sandbox] game set in a vibrant [genre] world, complete with player [verb ending in -ing] and all the [type of furniture] you could eat. The post also [adverb] hinted that the game would involve [character], a fan f...

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April 1, 2011 at 9:30AM
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Just a warning to those of you with an active Hellgate: London subscription, or those considering getting one. The moment you unsubscribe to the service, all subscription benefits are terminated instantly -- regardless of how long your subscription was due to last. The cancellation page warns you th...

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In an effort to protect the citizens of London during the PlayStation 3 launch this Friday, police expressed security concerns and two major retailers on Oxford Street have canceled their midnight launches. Virgin Megastore will still proceed as scheduled, but Game and HMV are opening at their norm...

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