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I'm a huge fan of League of Legends' Dominion gametype. One of the complaints I hear regularly is that Dominion doesn't have a ranked mode. Right now, Dominion's highly skilled summoners must choose between "curbstomping pubbies" in blind pick mode or waiting for a year in queue for draft pick mo...

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March 15, 2012 at 8:00PM
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We've mentioned in the past that NCsoft plans to merge all four Tabula Rasa servers into one, before the final shutdown on February 28th. Their plan has changed somewhat, as only the three U.S. servers (Pegasus; Orion; Cassiopeia) will be merged into a consolidated server called Hydra. NCsoft will...

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Until now you might have thought the Cassiopeia name was relegated merely to Casio's lineup of handheld devices, but their Cassiopeia Pro brand actually extends into portable digital projectors; their latest is new XJ-S35/30, an XGA DLP projector with a 2,000 lumen picture and an 1,800:1 contrast r...

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