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You could have been a contender. Wait, that's not right -- you could currently be a contender. You could be contending right now. After all, Age of Wushu's latest update is specifically titled "World of Contenders," odds are good that you could be one heck of a contender. So get in there and conten...

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February 12, 2014 at 2:30PM
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The wuxia films that inspire many of Age of Wushu's mechanics have a fairly uniform attitude toward vertical mobility: screw gravity. Needless to say, the game takes that lesson to heart. A new article and video detailing the game's Flying skills makes it clear that players will not simply be enc...

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Breadth of utility is one of those concepts that rarely gets brought up in MMO discussions, but we still think about it. In some games, such as City of Heroes, most of the individual character archetypes are pretty one-note -- for all the customization you can give him, your Blaster is still fund...

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