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User CJGibson over on Reddit's /r/wow community made an excellent point earlier today concerning the Children's Week pets that are only available while the holiday is running. Ordinarily, it's only possible for one character to get three pets each year: one from the classic Azeroth quests (Pig...

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April 29, 2012 at 4:00PM
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Wowhead News has unearthed some interesting additions to the Children's Week holiday, which starts this Sunday shortly after Noblegarden 2011 ends. For anyone worried about the meta-achievement For the Children, the achievements associated with the holiday haven't changed (more's the pity re: Sch...

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Reports on the official forums this morning are that those who completed the Dalaran orphan's quest (Oracle pet/Wolvar pet) last year are currently unable to start the quest again today. Blizzard has already chimed in with a response: Aredek -- Children's Week not working I'm terribly sorry a...

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