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Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV do not take place in the same world. One is not a sequel or prequel to the other, neither game continues the same story themes, and indeed nothing connects them beyond the names and a set of thematic elements. So I enjoy looking at those thematic elements so...

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February 16, 2013 at 4:00PM
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The list of features being added to Final Fantasy XIV in patch 1.19 just keeps growing. Not only will players be able to ride on the back of a chocobo, but a new set of missions for caravan defense will let players beat marauding fiends away from those selfsame yellow birds. And there are even Gr...

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Now we're to my favorite part of a new patch -- sussing out the undocumented changes. Everyone's really known about the patch notes for months, but it seems like every time Blizzard releases an update, there are always plenty of undocumented changes that don't quite make it in. has a ...

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