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Apple's modern desktop OS is famous for its feline monikers -- Panther, Tiger, Leopard/Snow Leopard and Lion, among others. But what about the other Apple operating system, iOS? While the code names for those versions aren't used in the public branding and promotion of the iPhone/iPod touch/iPa...

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December 5, 2011 at 11:30AM
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Start that wild imagination of yours running, because you're going to need it to make sense of this little tidbit. A tipster who claims (and gives us visual evidence as proof) that he was able to root out HTC product names like Incredible and Legend months before release on some sort of internal co...

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OK, so imagine this: You're Apple Computer, Inc. (still) and it's December 1997. You've just blocked British Mac-clone maker Shaye from licensing Mac OS 8, thereby putting it pretty much out of luck for new products; in fact, Shaye will revert to selling genuine Apple gear at the end of the year. St...

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