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When was the last time you said congratulations to someone in game? And no, I don't mean the spammy "congrats" when someone in guild gains a level, an AA, a skill up, a crafting combine, or any of the dozen other milestones that pop up every day in chat. Those are the easy congratulations because...

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February 9, 2012 at 8:00PM
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A couple of weeks ago, we announced a huge contest with Creative to give away twenty-five of their new World of Warcraft wireless headsets, one for each person in one big lucky raid. That contest has been over for a little bit, and we've finally picked a winner: congrats to all of the winners in th...

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Big grats to WoW Forum blue (and Blizzard UI guy) Slouken on a more-than-epic drop-- he apparently won the roll on a brand new baby last night. Congrats to him and his wife on welcoming the newest member of their guild family into the world. She's super cute! And good to see that, by sitting her r...

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