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When I shared an AppleScript last week which created randomized signatures using TextExpander, I promised to revisit it when the API started working again. It's working right now, but it seems to go up and down; check this link before you try the script and make sure you get a quote...

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February 10, 2009 at 1:00PM
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Over at the #iphone channel at, the thoroughly awesome NerveGas has figured out how to enable ssh on the iPhone without using restore mode. The secret lies in overwriting an existing binary and plist to trick the iPhone into calling chmod on the Dropbear ssh server and making it execut...

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Today's man page covers one of my favorite utilities: curl. No, it's not a haircare product -- it's one of the most flexible download tools in the kit bag, with the ability to handle almost any protocol that can be addressed via a URL (hence the name, short for "client for URLs"). If there's a ser...

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