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The patch 3.3 PTR notes are out, and the most interesting thing to me, after just a first look, is that Blizzard is making some serious tweaks to the level 1-10 experience, of all things. Dazed is getting changed a bit -- characters from levels 1-5 will be completely immune, while characters 6-10 ...

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October 1, 2009 at 6:00PM
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Drysc has laid out the science on exactly how Daze works. When we all first entered Outland, it seemed like mobs were Dazing us left and right, but it wasn't really clear why or how it happened. Now, months later, Drysc says they've gone over the Daze code again, and it really is "working as intende...

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Have you noticed how sticky the mobs are in Outland? Just traveling from place to place is like running a gauntlet, even on the roads. And don't even bother leaving the roads unless you're ready for a fight-- right below Hellfire Citadel, those Orcs swarm like bees. Get hit once, get dazed, and befo...

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