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One of the biggest goals you can reach for in many sandbox MMOs is building your own empire and controlling a small corner of the game world. For much of EVE Online's lifetime, that privilege was reserved for the powerful few leaders of the game's large territorial alliances, which carve up vast sw...

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June 22, 2014 at 6:00PM
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There are people out there who are going to hate your game of choice; It's just the nature of the beast. No matter what the next World of Warcraft expansion actually contains, some people will consider it the most vile aberration of gaming on the face of the planet. Most of us, fans of the game o...

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You see it all the time in forums and comments. Someone will come out against a game mechanic, or class, or quest, comparing it unfavorably to a different (and presumably better) game. Someone who loves the maligned game jumps in to defend it, frequently attacking the other game in retaliation. Then...

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