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In DC Universe Online, all of the different powersets can pump out DPS -- however, the trinity is alive and well even in this superhero game. Thankfully, due to the way the powers are designed, our ability to stack effects, and the heavy utilization of combos, grouping or raiding in DC Universe O...

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March 19, 2011 at 2:00PM
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Wait, there's an actual reason to go to Mauradon and do a Princess run? Name: Blade of Eternal Darkness (Wowhead, Thottbot, Goblin Workshop) Type: Epic One-hand Dagger Damage/Speed: 33-70/1.50 (34.3 DPS) Abilities: It's only got one: landing a direct damage spell has a chance to deal 100 Shadow ...

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Draele over at Rantings of the Afflicted asks if WoW could ever have what he calls a "meta" class. He lists the examples of Mesmer in Guild Wars or a Psionicist in Vanguard, and I'll add to that the Sorcerer class in Dark Age of Camelot-- classes that depend on manipulation and mind control rather t...

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