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You've got the music, the air conditioning, and the chemicals. All you need now is Hue -- an RGB case light controller from NZXT that fills up a spare drive bay with dials to set the color, brightness and pulsation of a bundled two-meter, 24-LED light strip. Fake some ID, hand over $33 and reach f

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July 6, 2012 at 2:53AM
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How do you celebrate half a decade as the world's best loved and most efficient rechargeable battery? You throw a party, of course, which is exactly what Sanyo is doing with its Eneloop Tones Glitter limited edition set. Packs of eight technicolored AA and AAA Eneloops will go on sale in Japan on N

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Talk about a novel concept. The Barco DML-1200 is being hailed as \"the first moving digital light which can truly be used as both a high quality video projector and a super bright moving light source,\" meaning that you can use the same device to throw Mario Kart Wii up on a 70-inch screen and bathe

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