Perennial pariahs Goon Squad, Horde-side on Mal'Ganis-US, have really carved out a niche for themselves in the World of Warcraft. Well, two niches. The first is a rock-solid reputation of being the foremost trolls and griefers in the MMO market, period -- a reputation perpetuated by a community th...

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digg_url = ''; Well, we know one up-and-coming reporter who's well on her way to Pulitzer City. Posted just after the jump is one of the most hard-hitting news reports on the dangers of online gaming we...

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Game designer Greg Costikyan has come out swinging against Epic president Michael Capps for supporting what the author and Manifesto Games co-founder describes "exploitation of talent." Capps, who lately has made a habit out of putting his foot in his mouth, reportedly told those attending a leader...

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Pretty much everyone knows that "exploit" is a dirty word. An exploit in an MMOG is anything that lets you work outside of the established rules of the game to do something that you couldn't normally do, usually in a way that lets you bypass or defeat content more easily than you're supposed to be...

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Is Blizzard doing something unethical by producing and selling World of Warcraft? Rather than just the ol' "MMO games are too addictive" angle, an article in Australia's The Age (seriously, it's always the Aussies) has a new twist: game companies like Blizzard are actually "exploiting" their own pl...

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Booth babe # 1: "We're your props. We'll do anything you want."Booth babe # 2: "Should we get on our knees?"Attendee: "No. For God's sake, where's your self respect?"Actually, I didn't hear that last part.

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