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Nintendo isn't making too big a deal out of Black Friday. Its special holiday 3DS bundle, out Nov. 23, is almost exactly identical to the Mario 3DS bundle from last year! It comes with the same Flame Red 3DS, and the same game (the truly worthwhile Super Mario 3D Land). The only differences are tha...

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November 19, 2012 at 10:00AM
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We can't be as cynical about Nintendo trying to boost hardware sales, just by releasing a new color, when the company's already taken such drastic measures with the 3DS. But it is releasing a new color too. On September 9, concurrent with Star Fox 64, Nintendo will release the "Flame Red" 3DS sys...

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Our good friends at WoW TCG Loot recently gave away a number of special tabards (apparently Tabard of the Void was the most popular among the choices, and you can also see some of the funny reasons people said they needed to wear a Tabard). And they kindly saved one for us, and so we're teaming up...

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