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World of Warcraft used to make earning your first mount a pretty big deal. These days, it's less a deal simply because the game has so many mounts it's almost absurd. Almost anything large enough for a player character to fit on top is a mount... and if it's not big enough, a bigger version will be...

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August 27, 2013 at 8:00AM
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If you ever happen to be grouped with me, be warned! The second we pause for a small break, bio or otherwise, you better believe I will be busting out every last piece of fluff that I have stashed in my bags for such an occasion. I'll be shooting off fireworks, unleashing pets, throwing down camp...

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Lord of the Rings Online's anniversary festival has another six days to go, which just might be enough time for me to grind out the tokens necessary to complete my map collection (and the spiffy Eriador Cartographile title that comes with it). I say "grind" here pretty loosely, as the horse-ra...

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