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Zynga has finally released The Pioneer Trail, the long promised sequel to FrontierVille on Facebook. Those familiar with The Oregon Trail will be right at home here but there's no indication as yet that you can die of dysentery. The game abandons many of Zynga's social gaming trademarks; rather...

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August 14, 2011 at 3:31AM
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Back in March, the ridiculously named pair of Lady Gaga and Zynga formed a union to donate funds for Japanese disaster relief; a goal they accomplished to the tune of $3 million. Yesterday, they announced a new partnership to raise money for Lady Gaga and Zynga, which entails the May 17 opening o...

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Zynga recently learned a very profitable lesson from the launch of its newest casual networking game -- people aren't obsessed with Farms, as it turns out. What they can't get enough of are Villes. The player base for Frontierville, a browser-based family-raising (and, yes, farming) sim set in the ...

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