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Confession time! I am a total hypocrite: I love the idea of player events but I rarely attend them in-game. Actually, maybe that just makes me more lazy than hypocritical. I think that a player event can boast more ingenuity and yield more memories than developer efforts, even if players are ham...

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September 1, 2013 at 8:00AM
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During the roleplaying heyday of Star Wars Galaxies, I attended a funeral for another character. His player was calling it quits and wanted to send off the toon in the most dramatic way possible: by asking his friends to eulogize his avatar in a Coronet park. (Of course, when he returned under th...

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WorldofWar points us to this forum thread by Fabraz, in which he shows off a video of his WoW wedding. The video is all in German, but you can tell what's happening as two Night Elf druids stand together in Darnassus as onlookers kneel. They finish their vows, and then a party goes down, and gifts a...

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