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MMO game worlds seem to be getting larger every year, and the debate over which is biggest frequently appears on forums and blogs. It usually starts with people breaking out infographics comparing the size of the various islands and continents in their favourite fantasy MMOs, and it escalates from ...

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August 18, 2013 at 6:00PM
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What's new in the world of Perpetuum? Well, free trials for starters, as Avatar Creations has officially introduced a 15-day grace period for each newly created account. Trial players will not be able to trade items or currency, and they also will be prevented from joining corporations in order t...

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We here at Massively love to lurk on gaming forums. Aside from the occasional breaking news bit or entertaining discussion, we sometimes stumble across something so interesting that we can't help but share. In this case, a discussion concerning game world size over at piqued our ...

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