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It doesn't matter if it's a light-hearted RP event or a high-intensity progression run. As sure as the sun rises, if everyone is told the event is going to begin at 5 PM sharp, at least one player will not show up until 5:01. They might claim timezone difficulties, traffic, or even just that they f...

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June 23, 2010 at 8:00AM
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Using the official Capcom Phoenix Wright and Edgeworth papercrafts as a template, some brilliant artist has expanded the Phoenix Wright papercraft universe with spot-on Damon Gant and Prosecutor Godot figures. Every detail is perfect, down to Gant's weird gloves (for which he is named) and Godot's...

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While we never really heard anything about a lawsuit following the release of Godot's suspiciously familiar mini music player, it looks like the company is swiping a more generic trait this time by outfitting the M9500 in a coat of brushed metal. The palm-sized 4GB DAP sports a 1-inch hard drive ben...

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