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If you've pre-ordered an Android Wear watch and want to have everything ready for the very moment you slap that device on your wrist, Google is more than happy to help; the company has posted everything you'll need on day one. To start, you can both grab the official Android Wear app (needed to li

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July 3, 2014 at 12:30AM

As good as Google Wallet might be for payments, you've so far been locked into using one Google account; that's not so hot if a family member needs to borrow your phone to send some cash. That won't be an issue after today, since Google has updated Wallet's Android app with a tweaked interface that

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More goodies for devs here at I/O: Google just announced that Google Cloud Messaging -- the push-notification system that debuted last year -- is now a part of its Google Play Services, and it will get three new features, to boot. These include \"persistent connections,\" which should help push out

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