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Hailrazer is clearly a fan of the Nintendo 64 and GameCube, but his projects have kept the systems as separate beasts. Until now, that is. His latest mod puts a Nintendo 64 into a GameCube's GameBoy Player add-on, linking the audio, power and video to those of the more modern system. Gamers just h...

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December 31, 2012 at 11:34PM
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If you head on over to the Modded By Bacteria message boards you'll find that forum member Hailrazer has put together a little somethin' that he likes to call the N64Boy Advance. And like all successful mods, not only does the thing look good, it also boasts tweaks suited to the builder's tastes: h...

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Oh sure, we've seen a few "portable" Gamecube systems over the years, but we've yet to set our eyes on anything as glorious as this. Not surprisingly, the NCube's creator is yet another Ben Heck apprentice, with the case being a heavily modded Datamax Kid's Delight and the display an unmodded Zenit...

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