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High Voltage Software's Conduit 2 will be available on March 17, 18 and 22 in Australia, the UK and North America, respectively. There's also a new trailer for the latest alien blasting pew-pew devices after the break.

January 18th 2011 at 10:00pm
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Heroes come from the most unlikely places. For example, Conduit 2 protagonist Michael Ford, in the first game, unwittingly found himself at the center of a conspiracy involving The Drudge, a seemingly alien-looking race of creatures who had it out for the human race.

November 26th 2010 at 11:00pm
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High Voltage certainly had ambition and vision when designing the original Conduit for Wii, hyping it as a marquee FPS title for Nintendo's console. Unfortunately, the execution wasn't there. Fast forward a year since its release, and High Voltage is working on a sequel. Although the team admits th...

November 11th 2010 at 10:38pm
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Tournament of Legends was originally conceived as Gladiator A.D., a fighter hinged on stylized gladiatorial combat. But the concept -- and, as it turns out, its potential -- was later scrapped in favor of the shallow SoulCalibur imitation we're now left with. The real tragedy here isn't the lack...

July 6th 2010 at 3:00pm
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The High Voltage representatives showing off The Conduit 2 behind closed doors at the Sega booth were quick to admit that the first game may not have lived up to the hype. While they were incredibly proud of what they created with that game, they admitted there was plenty of room for improvement --...

June 16th 2010 at 1:45am
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Sega released a new trailer for High Voltage's Tournament of Legends (formerly Gladiator A.D.), the weapon-based Wii fighter due in July. The trailer's got some enjoyably melodramatic narration, which, combined with the theme of the game (mythological beings hitting each other with swords and whatno...

May 12th 2010 at 6:45pm

The first gameplay footage we've seen of Sega's upcoming Wii-exclusive fighter Tournament of Legends is bathed in the game's mixed mythology. Showcasing two fighters -- Bravehoof, defender of nature and Marcus Antonius, beloved hero of Rome -- the trailer heavily emphasizes a story that pits man ve...

April 29th 2010 at 2:31pm
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In a Nintendo Life interview, producer Jason Olson clears up something regarding the title of the sequel to last year's The Conduit: it's less definite now. "It's Conduit 2. The 'THE' got a bit clunky – too much of a mouthful – and we always referred to it as Conduit 2 internally. It flo...

April 10th 2010 at 1:00am
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Okay, so The Conduit 2 has new locations and new multiplayer modes. No one's complaining about that. However, anyone who spent any time with the first Conduit really only wants one thing for the sequel's multiplayer: less cheating. Luckily, developer High Voltage agrees. In a Q&A session on Sega...

April 1st 2010 at 10:03am
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Following its unveiling in Nintendo Power magazine, The Conduit 2, High Voltage's second pass at a Wii FPS, has been officially announced by publisher Sega. Due this fall, The Conduit 2 expands the venue for the serie's action from Washington, D.C. to a variety of locations across the world. The ga...

March 31st 2010 at 11:31am
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No, that's the first game. As you Nintendo Power subscribers and purchasers will learn (if you haven't gotten the latest issue already) High Voltage will be bringing its flagship franchise back to the Wii this fall with The Conduit 2. GoNintendo has a ton of details from the magazine's upcoming f...

March 30th 2010 at 6:29pm

High Voltage's Tournament of Legends, the Sega-published two-player Wii fighting game about whaling on mythological creatures (which was once a Wii fighting game about whaling on gladiators), has experienced a bit of a delay. The game was originally dated for May 18, but now you won't have the oppor...

March 24th 2010 at 4:55pm