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If you're into iGUGU's vision of the future of internet video on TVs, you'll be pleased to know that the simply-named InterneTV device is now shipping. With a $99 pricetag on the basic model ($129 for midrange, $249 for wireless) we found at CES it does what it claims to do, no matter how awkwardly...

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February 28, 2011 at 9:44PM
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iGUGU, the company behind Gamecore (and the company with a name that even a neonate can say) will be demonstrating its InterneTV product at CES this week. The PC-based solution allows users to watch and share any content on their HDTV, projector or monitor, via wireless USB. It also comes packed wi...

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Alright, we got a chance to check out iGUGU's Gamecore setup, and we're simultaneously impressed and disappointed. The fact that for $80 you can get all the hardware necessary to beam your PC video to your TV wirelessly and control games with a full QWERTY wireless controller is just plain great. W...

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