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I like this post over at I am a Paladin -- it's a pretty insightful look at why drama is so easy to come by in bigger guilds. Blizzard has done almost everything they can to divide loot fairly (and they're still working on it, with the addition of more token systems), and there are certainly plenty ...

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July 30, 2009 at 5:00PM
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Our buddy Ghostcrawler has appeared on the forums answering (or re-answering, as he says) a few concerns about the balance of the game. Most of his answer is about PvP: he says that Death Knights and Holy Pallies are overpowered, but that while Blizzard does believe there are more imbalances, debate...

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I've said before that I enjoy Alterac Valley. Even with my somewhat limited PvP abilities I've managed to rack up thousands upon thousands of HK's in there, ground up enough honor for the HW sword before the expansion came out, and have continue to play through the AFK'ers and into the dawn of th...

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