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The Iron Skyreaver mount, first released back in January, is 40% off this week. If you're willing to spend $15.00 USD, you can get a taste of Iron Horde aesthetics in advance of Warlords of Draenor. Go ahead -- we won't judge you.

July 23rd 2014 at 4:00pm 0 Comments
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News surfaced last week, thanks to the Blizzard Jobs Directory, that the company is seeking microtransaction specialists. While it's highly likely that these potential new recruits will not be set to work exclusively on Blizzard's only sub game, it seems only logical that they will examine the cur...

January 23rd 2014 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

The Iron Skyreaver mount that was released last week was available in the in-game store only. Unfortunately, this meant meant that players looking to give the mount as a gift to friends were unable to do so. Good news for those with giving spirits -- the mount has now been added to the

January 21st 2014 at 6:00pm 0 Comments
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Have you ever wanted to fly around on a two-headed dragon with freaking jet turbines strapped to it? If so, you're scaring us, but you're also in luck because World of Warcraft has just unveiled its latest cash-shop sparklepony, the Iron Skyreaver. This fierce, armored chimera steed will let you ex...

January 16th 2014 at 2:30pm 0 Comments
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The question of where the previously datamined Iron Skyreaver mount comes from has now been answered. Last night, several realms experienced problems and were taken offline for several hours. When these realms came back online, there was a surprise waiting on the in-game shop in the form of a new m...

January 16th 2014 at 9:00am 0 Comments