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Catching the game back up to its aggressive monthly update schedule, The Secret World's third update is now live on servers. Issue #3 The Cat God comes right on the heels of Issue #2 Digging Deeper, which launched just last week after a few delays. Besides various tweaks and fixes, The Cat God o...

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September 26, 2012 at 10:30AM
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The last issue of Champion's Online's Aftershock comic series, Hang On, saw our valiant heroes returning to Camp Lantern, where UNTIL's Major Okonkwo and her troops were trapped in a bunker with a legion of UNTIL and VIPER troops possessed by some eldritch power. Against all odds, the heroes we...

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This month's desktop wallpaper for City of Heroes recalls Issue 3, A Council of War. This was one of the most content-packed issues, bringing (among other features) the Striga Isle zone, the Hess Task Force (still a firm favorite) and the Kheldian epic archetypes. New Epic Power Pools were opened up...

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