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When Ubisoft's highly-anticipated hacker adventure Watch Dogs debuts on May 27, it will be accompanied by a newly-announced eBook dubbed "Watch Dogs //n/Dark Clouds." As that grammatically baffling title suggests, the book centers on the sort of near-future cyberpunk intrigue that fuels the ...

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April 17, 2014 at 5:30PM
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Just a quick reminder that the new novel, BioShock: Rapture, is now available from your bookseller of choice (well, maybe not all of them). Penned by sci-fi and fantasy author John Shirley, the book tells the story of Andrew Ryan and the beginnings of his underwater metropolis. If you would (kindly)...

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Announced in a partnership back in 2009, the Tor and Take-Two undertaking of BioShock: Rapture, a novel detailing the events of Rapture prior to the original game, is finally making its way to bookshelves on July 19. Tor, in anticipation of this event, has published the first excerpt of the novel...

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