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What gamer hasn't wanted to be a superhero at one time or another? Superheroes and comic books have been a part of gaming culture as long as computers. Of course, everyone has wanted to be Superman soaring through the skies of Metropolis, or Batman scaring the pants off the criminal underworld of G...

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August 28, 2010 at 4:00PM
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They've taken some time to answer fan questions and announce their upcoming weekly comic, and now the DC Universe Online team has returned to rolling out cast members for their upcoming MMO. The latest addition to the cast is Zatanna Zatara, the Justice League of America's tuxedo-jacketed magici...

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If you are a casual or even the most dedicated DC Comics aficionado the news surrounding DC Universe Online, a MMOG that brings the iconic property and thousands of beloved super heroes, villains, and settings to virtual life is spine-tingling. If you can't wait to play, Comic-Con is the place to ...

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