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Meet Kane Kramer. In 1979, he filed a patent for a device called the IXI, an early digital device that held about three minutes of music. He let the patent lapse a decade later, and never saw a penny from Apple's blistering success with the iPod. You might think this was a story of a bitter man with...

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September 8, 2008 at 7:00PM
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Seth Schiesel, a writer for the NY Times, recently put up an article about the image problem with the videogame industry and how it was, for the most part, its own fault. An attendance at the recent Ziff Davis Electronic Gaming Summit provided the inspiration for this piece, which talked about the s...

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The net's been busy this weekend. Here's a smattering of YTMND clips that best capture the zeitgeist of Nintendo's mighty Wii announcement. Few of these are safe for work. You've been warned. Gonads and Strife remake (Overall choice award.) Wii all want to change the world (Most comforting aw...

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