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I love transmogrification -- it seems like every week I have a new arrangement of armor. But there are limits to what I can and can't do with this feature, limits that simply can't be worked around. As a rogue, I'm limited to leather items -- and there aren't a ton of really fashionable leather...

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December 5, 2012 at 1:00PM
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Aventurine snuck in a couple of quick Darkfall updates while we weren't looking, and though there's still no definitive word on Darkfall 2.0, there is an armor video and some nifty screenshots to sort of make up for it. This week's Darkfall blog update is a short one, and basically pays a bit ...

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TERAblah is at it again, this time courtesy of the second installment in their series of galleries featuring armor sets from the TERA action fantasy MMORPG. This set focuses on leather armor, which is used primarily by archers, slayers, and warriors, and features both protection and maneuverabili...

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