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So, two Virtual Console games this week. Careful Nintendo, you might pull something. We saw classic shoot-em-up Gradius hit the eShop earlier this month, and following it up this week is spin-off Salamander, or Life Force as it's known in our part of the world. That's on the 3DS, while the Wii U...

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January 23, 2014 at 11:30AM
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Today, we've got two new games. On the WiiWare side, there's Evasive Space, which is a shmup without all of the shooting. Then, on the Virtual Console, we've got ... a shmup. Man, they sure love flooding the Wii with shmups. If you want to try Evasive Space for free, remember we're giving it away ...

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While there's no doubt in our mind that the most interesting game this week is Salamander (the Gradius pseudo-sequel known as Life Force in the U.S., appearing here in its Japan-exclusive PC Engine release), the most interesting box is definitely that for Chelnov. Looking more like a mid-80's Marve...

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