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Well, this is just hysterical. Posting on the Batman: Arkham Asylum PC forums, user "Cheshirec_the_cat" complained that Batman's glide wasn't working in a certain section of the game, leading to his death by poisonous gas. Before long, Eidos moderator Keir informed him that he had actually stumble...

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September 10, 2009 at 11:30AM
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Sony's software developers seem to include hints at upcoming features months in advance. Skype-like VoIP functionality was discovered months ago ... and that feature is only now being unveiled. By looking at some code stored in firmware 3.50, undertaxxx from MaxConsole has unearthed a small refere...

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One of the dangers of using homebrew is that there's always a chance that something bad will happen to your system, causing it to be completely useless, or "bricked." A user of the MaxConsole forums has discovered an impostor pretending to be Dark_Alex, one of the homebrew community's most prominent...

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