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Microsoft has launched a limited-access Xbox One dashboard update, giving preview team members an early look at the features and improvements in store for its public release this fall. Currently, preview members can test drive a reorganized Party Chat app, an overhauled Friends section, and a ...

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August 15, 2014 at 5:00PM
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While it was never a big success and never really lived up to its full potential, the Zune was a good little device that no doubt sold more than it might've otherwise had it not been available at dedicated game stores. Now after almost two years, the media player is being dropped from the one of t...

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The rumors are apparently true, after a fashion -- despite reports of Jobs' opposition to the idea, Adobe has told the Wall Street Journal that after reviewing the iPhone's SDK, their CEO says they can bring Flash to the device all by themselves. It'll be super interesting to see if Adobe tries to m...

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