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You can now buy a Balloonicorn Plushie straight from Valve's official Team Fortress 2 store. The cute pink union of a balloon and a unicorn is 14.5 inches from horntip to tail and comes with a code for a genuine Balloonicorn in-game item, for $24.99. The Balloonicorn serves as the "Municipal Omb...

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May 7, 2013 at 3:00AM
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Valve and Adult Swim have come together in a glorious union of witticism, snark and something else that they're not telling us until next week. Adult Swim has a promo page decked out in Team Fortress 2 images and hashtags, and it promises this partnership will beget "something that you'll probably ...

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Valve has finally put together its schedule of events for 2012, announcing the big things happening in Team Fortress 2 in the coming months. Most notably, Valve says its final character video, Meet the Pyro, will air in 2012 and it will feature "lots of blood pretty much all the way through." The T...

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