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German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has debuted a new concept for a hydrogen-powered SUV, and it's pretty crazy. The Vision G-Code is as striking as any concept, with a squat profile and space-age interior, but it's not the car's looks that are interesting here: it's the paint. When the G-Code i...

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November 4, 2014 at 6:22AM
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As expected, the feature concept car being shown by Mercedes-Benz at Frankfurt this year was the F 125! But Merc isn't actually calling it a concept, rather a "research vehicle" that will help the company work toward a gasoline-free future. In this case it's a hydrogen-filled future, with this ca...

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Circling the globe on hydrogen power sounds like a bit of a challenge, what with the lack H2 pumps and all, but Mercedes-Benz set off to show that it could do just that -- with the help of a mobile filling station, natürlich. It's the F-Cell World Drive, and unfortunately, things got off to so...

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