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Ever feel like your phone is taking an awfully long time to register that swipe to unlock? Well, scientists from Imperial College London and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology are developing a solution that could mean faster response times. By combining polymer semiconductors and sm...

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May 1, 2012 at 4:04AM
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Whatever Simon C Page sees in chemistry, we wish our high school teachers did as well. The aforesaid graphic artist has whipped up a smattering of eye-pleasing, mind-bending posters to commemorate the International Year of Chemistry 2011, and even if you can't tell your Hs from your 2s and Os, yo...

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App of the Day is TUAW's new App Store spotlight. One great app, every single day. Subatomic is a game that's available for the iPhone and the iPad. The premise is that you push molecules of different colors around a field with gravity. Portals sit on the gamefield full of molecules, and as they ...

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