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Sugar is basically ubiquitous and it looks like it could be used to make morphine, which is a refined form of heroin. Recent research shows that a genetically modified strain of yeast, when exposed to sugar, could be used to ferment the opioid. Yes, essentially, you could homebrew your own scag. I...

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May 18, 2015 at 10:39PM
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Be it a sci-fi cantina or a fantasy tavern, your MMO's local watering hole no doubt offers a very specific sort of drug: alcohol. But you might have noticed that non-alcoholic drugs aren't usually given the same chance to virtually corrupt you as do more comfortable vices like extreme violence, g...

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Yesterday's One Shots gave us a look at land pirates, but today we thought we'd look towards the skies for a peek into the underworld that EVE Online has to offer. This spectacular behind-the-scenes shot is of a part of New Eden that some may not have had a chance to see. We'll let today's contrib...

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