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If you regularly use the Maps and YouTube apps on your PlayStation Vita, please raise a hand. If you'd be mightily disappointed if those were to disappear from the portable console, keep your hand up and someone will bring you a tissue. That's because, unfortunately, Sony has announced that both f...

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January 28, 2015 at 6:29AM
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When Resistance: Burning Skies arrives later this year on the PlayStation Vita, it brings with it a virulent infection. Moreover, said infection passes easily via the Vita's Near functionality, as explained in a recent interview featured on the US PlayStation Blog....

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LiveArea is NGP's "game-oriented communication platform," according to Sony. In other words, it's the device's (touch-controlled!) user interface -- apparently replacing the XMB -- featuring access to the PlayStation Store, Trophies, PSN friends, messaging, the browser, and other applications. E...

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