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You may already know that the great NimbleBit has released a new game this week, given that I spoke with them earlier here at GDC. Nimble Quest (free) is unlike the company's previous hits, Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes, but it's just as fun and well-implemented. The core mechanic is borrowed ...

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March 29, 2013 at 5:00PM
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Second Life is looking a lot more like First Life. The new viewer based on Windlight technology completely rewrites the lighting and rendering of the world -- more realistic lights means better looking textures and skins, and a world that looks and feels more real and up to date. Linden Lab's own...

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Windward Mark Interactive's first next-gen offering may have been shelved due to their recent acquisition from Linden Lab, makers of Second Life. Last month, Linden Lab acquired Windward Mark for their graphic technologies, reportedly to assist in a graphical overhaul for Second Life. Asi Land, Wi...

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