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Today's New York Times crossword includes a clue that any non MMO player wouldn't know. Amongst the standard pop-culture references and strict definitions, today's crossword puzzlers encountered the following clue, as shown by Jack Thompson (no, not that Jack Thompson) via Twitter. @cm_zarhym @wa...

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May 2, 2013 at 8:00PM
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If you've been wondering when (or whether) authorities would be bringing some of the Sony PlayStation hackers to justice, the New York Times has a brief report that you'll want to check out. Three hackers were recently arrested by Spanish police in the cities of Almeria, Barcelona, and Valencia, ...

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These realms may not be completely free, but darn if the New York Times loves them anyhow. It's a little strange to see a major publication like the NY Times reviewing Free Realms, let alone any review for an MMO from any outlet. Still, the fact that SOE's little free-to-play game-that-could smack...

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