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Frontier Developments head honcho David Braben has been working overtime to defend the 11th-hour revelation that Elite: Dangerous will have no offline play option. A recent video interview with Braben includes his response to these issues; he states that it's not off the table, but it's incompatibl...

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December 15, 2014 at 1:00PM
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When fans were told that Elite: Dangerous will not feature an offline mode, they were a little upset, considering it had been one of the explicit promises made during the game's Kickstarter campaign. Head honcho David Braben took the opportunity to clarify the situation, promising that while the ga...

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This question is an old one, but it's always one that brings out some interesting opinions. As technology becomes more and more connected, people continue to move their games into connectivity further and further, we have to ask -- what's an MMO, precisely? The recent release of Borderlands has br...

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