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Mew-Genics is officially on hold, Team Meat's Tommy Refenes confirmed to Joystiq at PAX Prime in Seattle. The game was first revealed in October 2012, though the Super Meat Boy developer did not fully explain how the genetically-altered cat lady simulator would operate for another four months. T...

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August 30, 2014 at 7:08PM
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It's been a tough ride for Earth Eternal. We first heard about the original developer, Sparkplay, only days after Massively came into existence in 2007, and we've been following the company ever since. Earth Eternal was voted one of Beau's top F2P games in 2010, as it was enjoying quite a strong ...

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Mike Antonucci of the San Jose Mercury News describes his recent customer service interactions on his company blog. He contacted Comcast and Sony about a problem with a PS3, and Microsoft for another unspecified issue. With Microsoft, after a lot of time on hold, he got stuck listening to someone wi...

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