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If you read about Champions Online in its first days, you would not have thought of it as a triple-A title. The game was full of bugs, the community management was not the best, and it just seemed like the devs were intent on shoveling out more broken stuff that barely worked. I think that, in part...

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September 3, 2010 at 3:00PM
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Frank over at Overly Positive wrote a blog post about Warhammer Online's time capsule project. Basically, a year ago, a bunch of forumites over at Warhammer Alliance wrote down their collective hopes and dreams about the game and stored them in a time capsule post to be opened up a year later. He c...

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It's almost the first anniversary of Age of Conan's release, and Funcom's Glen "Famine" Swan was reflecting on the past year when he found the "One Year Later" video. Although it's a fairly well-made piece, it doesn't come from Funcom; a community member called "CptHeatSink" is given the credit on...

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