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Are you interested in zombie survivalist fantasies but not interested in buying an unrelated first-person shooter? DayZ has already garnered a fan following despite being a mod for an existing game, but a standalone version of the game is in the works for release before the end of the year. Creat...

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September 27, 2012 at 6:00PM
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It seems that Final Fantasy XI's development team is revealing all of its major plans in one large rush -- and what a rush it is. Yesterday saw the unveiling of the team's plans for the anniversary of the game, and today has seen the posting of the roadmap for the game over the next year. Among t...

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For a lot of gamers, Istaria's main point of fame is the fact that it's the game in which you can play as a dragon, which is a bit reductive of the game as a whole, a game that underwent significant changes and improvements over the past year. A retrospective was recently put together by the deve...

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