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What does every Daeva need while jetting around Atreia besides a sturdy set of wings? Why, a Daeva's best friend, of course! And there is certainly quite an assortment of pets to choose from in Aion, from the standard pooch to the very non-standard heavy machinery. Introduced three expansions ago...

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November 30, 2013 at 6:00PM
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Are you ready to waste a bunch of time enjoy the fulfilling life as a pet collector and battler, like me? We'll get you ready to be pet-obsessed in no time. Get Trained Before you can do anything with pet battles, you have to be at least level 5 and have up to 10g, depending on whatever dis...

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The folks at NCsoft are going gaga over guides this week, and Aion's 2.5 update looks to be the most well-documented patch in the history of the fantasy title. We've already shown off a mentoring guide as well as a walkthrough of the new Esoterrace instance, and today NCsoft has updated its Aion ...

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