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With over a million videos downloaded, Europe's VidZone service has been an unprecedented success, something that even caught the service provider by surprise. "It was difficult to assess how well it would do," Louisa Jackson, director of marketing for VidZone, told "By both gaming and mus...

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August 17, 2009 at 2:15PM
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While we really liked Gameloft's Castle of Magic at E3, these two music games in their lineup didn't impress nearly as much. Guitar Rock Tour 2 is a sequel to Guitar Rock Tour, and as you can tell from the picture at right, it's more or less a Guitar Hero knock-off: hit the notes as they pass the li...

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Airbus, that robot-friendly aeroplane company, has filed a patent for a device that generates "electromagnetic interaction in an airplane". No, this isn't some kind of revolutionary fly-by-magnets technology, it's actually a slightly oddball idea intended to solve the most common of airborne travel ...

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