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Japanese game and CGI animation studio Premium Agency has announced (PDF) that it has appointed Shenmue and Virtua Fighter maestro Yu Suzuki as an advisor and executive producer. Suzuki will oversee the studio's newly strengthened development team, covering a wide range of social and mobile pro...

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June 2, 2011 at 8:20PM
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There's a reason why every PSP game seemingly has four player co-op play nowadays: Monster Hunter. Capcom struck a gold mine by bringing the franchise to Sony's handheld, and Japanese developers have tried -- over and over again -- to replicate that success. Phantasy Star Portable, God Eater and Me...

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click for screen-filling gore In the wake contrails of 0 Day Attack on Earth's December 23 release, Square Enix has announced that its next XBLA title, Death By Cube -- also a twin-stick, multidirectional shooter -- will be the new kid on the Live Marketplace block when it arrives on January 20. S...

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