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If you're a raid leader looking for better ways to manage your team roster, Cosine (@mashiox) may have a solution for you: the new website Whozawhat. Whozawhat is a site that, once you have registered, allows you to create teams of raiders using a tool that pulls information from the World of Warcr...

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July 17, 2013 at 8:00PM
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I've mentioned that I don't like the idea of judging other players by arbitrary numbers. It annoys me when a person is included or excluded from an event or guild simply based on something like gearscore or pure DPS numbers. However, the importance of these numbers shouldn't be undervalued in a g...

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Stratfu and the venerable Seriallos of the <Roll Initiative> guild on Maelstrom (US) has just debuted some awesome web tools for raiders and guild leaders that can pump out some serious numbers and data for you to crunch using World of Logs data. These tools include: World of Logs Top...

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